About Our Beer

Our History

Pasteur Street Brewing Company (PSBC) started with the simple idea to combine American craft brewing techniques with fresh and exotic Vietnamese ingredients to create amazing craft beer. When founder, John Reid shared his idea with Alex Violette, then Head Brewer at Upslope Brewing, Alex was immediately sold and moved to Saigon, Vietnam. Named after the street where their first Taprooms are located, PSBC has enjoyed rapid growth since 2014. PSBC has carefully developed over 200 distinct beers, 6 Taprooms and serving the brews in over 300 outlets throughout the country! Throughout our growth, the vision of combining the best Vietnamese ingredients with professional American craft brewing know-how is still core to everything we do.

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Experienced Brewers

PSBC began with the idea of bringing experienced brew masters from America to make some of the best craft beer in Vietnam. While Vietnam is new to craft brewing, our brewers are not. They bring years of professional experience from American craft breweries to our brewing process. It’s this knowledge that allows us to deliver delicious classic and unique tasting beers consistently. Our brew masters and brewers expertly blend the art and science of brewing to create the unique flavor profiles you can taste in every glass of PSBC beer.

The best ingredients

PSBC values quality above all else and that starts with our ingredients.  We begin with roasted malt from Belgium & Germany which gives the beer its distinctive character. Then, we add American hops (and some from Australian & New Zealand) to deliver the rounded flavor of our American style craft beer. Finally, we incorporate the highest quality Vietnamese ingredients to finish off our fresh and creative brews that are unique to PSBC.

Passion for Craft Beer

Vietnam is widely known for having some of the best food in the world along with a vibrant beer drinking culture. The country had been waiting on craft beer for a long time, so it was a love of Vietnam and Vietnamese beer drinking culture that brought PSBC to life. PSBC is proud to be among the first craft breweries, but is thrilled that it won’t be the last as the craft beer revolution in Vietnam is just beginning.