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Pasteur Street and CHANGE collaboration on carbon footprint

December 25, 2019
What does it mean to “live green?” Climate change is one of the most talked about issues we face as humans entering a new decade. Poor air quality and plastic waste are just a few examples of horror stories that we are exposed to on a daily basis. Yet, the questions remain; what can we do about it and will it make a difference? At Pasteur Street Brewing Company, we have decided to make an impact of our own by partnering with CHANGE to create a brand new, eco-conscious beer and help spread awareness for their cause.  

Alex Violette, our CEO joined CHANGE’s event ‘Invitation from 2023’ on December 10th, 2019.

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Saigon based CHANGE inspires the preservation of the environment through education, innovation, and community action in Vietnam. Founded by an internationally recognized Climate Hero, Hong Hoang, in 2013; CHANGE has completed over 180 campaigns empowering Vietnamese people to build a greener and more sustainable nation. In 2017, CHANGE was awarded with the “The Most Outstanding Environmental Organization” by business magazine, Nhip Cau Dau Tu, and Hong Hoang was selected as one of twelve civic leaders to join the first group of Obama Foundation Scholars at Columbia University in New York City.

Alex and guests were enjoying our Pomegranate Brut IPA at the event.

During our collaboration with CHANGE, we wanted to make an impact on our carbon footprint in addition to raising money and awareness for their cause. Our  brew team at PSBC thought it would be fun to find a creative way to save CO2 during the brewing process. The result was the Pomegranate Brut IPA. This unique beer uses a Norwegian Farmhouse strain of yeast that not only has a distinct flavor but also does not require refrigeration during the fermentation process. This allows for a serious decrease in the amount of CO2 it produces; which is about 24 kilograms less CO2 per 1000 liters of beer than a traditional beer. As the Pomegranate Brut IPA becomes available in our Taprooms, we will also donate 10k VND per pour sold back to CHANGE to benefit their Vietnam Climate Leadership Initiatives (VCLI).

Teenagers joined the annual climate camp of CHANGE.

VCLI is an annual climate camp created for Vietnamese youth that provides them with knowledge of climate issues and campaigning skills. The participants chosen for VCLI are those experiencing climate impacts such as sea level rise, drought, and salinization issues. The ultimate goal of this camp is to cultivate youth leaders with the motivation to influence their local communities on climate mitigation and renewable energy use. To find out more about the Vietnam Climate Leadership Initiative, click here.

There are many ways we can all play a small part in making a cleaner tomorrow. Come down to any of our Taprooms and try the Pomegranate Brut IPA to help us make a change today!