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Pasteur Street Employee Spotlight: Mischa Smith!!

June 11, 2019

The man, and the beer!

Many people that know Pasteur Street Brewing Company in Saigon know Mischa Smith. He has been a champion of our beer since we opened in 2015 as he was one of our first die-hard customers. He has since become one of the most recognizable faces in the company. In this blog post, we are going to find out more about the man, the myth, and the legend himself.

Pasteur Street Sale Director: Mischa Smith

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The day that made history


Mischa moved to Vietnam in 2013 after living throughout Southeast Asia teaching English. He found out of Pasteur Street’s opening over social media and became a regular from day one. It didn’t take long for everyone to know his name and for his Jasmine IPA to be waiting at the bar when he walked in. There was a particularly busy Friday night that he offered to help out behind the bar, and well, the rest was history.


From an ESL Teacher to our sale director!

Mischa came from an extensive hospitality background and began bartending part-time at Pasteur Street while continuing to teach English. When we decided to expand to distribution, Founder John Reid asked Mischa to be the first Sales Representative for the company. He was a part of getting our beer on tap at bars all over Saigon, and then the country. Soon after taking on the Sales Representative role, he left his teaching days behind him to become all Pasteur Street, all the time.

Mischa Smith Pasteur Street

Over the past four years, we at Pasteur Street, have grown into one of the biggest beer brands in Southeast Asia. Mischa has been with us all along the way; he is now our Domestic Sales Manager overlooking over 300 outlets throughout the country.

The future with beer and Pasteur Street


When we asked Mischa what working for Pasteur Street has done for him, his response was humbling. “Working for PSBC has changed my life! I was an ESL teacher at the time, and now I run the sales team at one of the most well-respected craft breweries in Southeast Asia! I am eternally grateful to have gotten this amazing opportunity and can’t wait for what the future holds!”  

And Mischa-lada with a bold drink!


We hope you enjoyed getting to know the infamous Mischa Smith in this post. Look out for more Employee Spotlights for a chance to get to know our team! If you want even more Mischa, head to our D2 or D7 Tap Rooms for Brunch and try a Mischa-lada! We added smoked chilis, fresh tomato juice, and a dash of hot sauce to our Jasmine IPA and garnished it with a spiced rim and fresh citrus. A bold drink for a bold man!