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Women’s Day at PSBC

March 8, 2019

Women's Day head bannerWomen Labor in Vietnam

Women’s Day is globally celebrated on March 8th every year; the holiday is intended to recognize women’s achievement, raise awareness for bias, and take action for equality. Here at Pasteur Street Brewing Company, we believe in thinking equal and innovating for change without exploitation; this blog post will talk about how we celebrate women every day.


PSBC Women Staffs back office

Vietnam is not new to the idea of females in the workforce; the country has maintained a female labor force participation of more than 70% over the past twenty years. These numbers are the highest in Asia and even outperform many western economies. Having more women in the workforce has naturally led to more equal pay, better parental leave, along with other basic ideas that many western countries are currently fighting for. This foundation has made it easy for Pasteur Street to maintain a staff of 50% women.

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PSBC Women Staffs back office

PSBC Women’s Day

At Pasteur Street Brewing Company, not only do we have a total of fifty working women, we have close to ten women in high level or management roles. Some of the biggest decisions for the company’s hospitality, financial, distribution, and operations are led by women. Each of our four taprooms is managed by a woman and two of our most senior employees are women. These are numbers that we are proud of for our company, country, and industry.   

PSBC Women Staffs back office
Historically, women were the first brewers, yet once craft beer began to boom, it was rare to find women in the industry. Over the past few years the amount of women working in craft beer has began to grow again with more and more women owned and operated breweriesStatistics also show that beer is now the most popular alcoholic beverage for women aged 25-54. At Pasteur Street Brewing Company, we believe that more women in the industry is a #balanceforbetter and that beer is for all.
Women Staffs at HEM

Women’ Day

This Women’s Day, remember it is not only about showering the ladies in your life with gifts and flowers, it’s also about recognizing that they are independent and capable. Celebrate beer for all with us this March 8th. Bring your favorite independent lady to any of our tap rooms and receive 10% off your total bill.