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Flagship February

February 27, 2019

 Flagship February

As the craft beer industry grows internationally, the palette of its consumers grows along with it. In the age of social media, many brewers tend to focus on being a part of the next big beer trend to compete for the most Instagram followers. Meanwhile, they seem to forget the beers that paved the way for them. Glitter beers, milkshake IPA’s, and pastry beers all take the spotlight over traditionally brewed styles. While some trends can be refreshing (looking at you lagers), it is a strange time to live, and brew, in.
This is why this year, renowned beer writer, Stephen Beaumont, launched “Flagship February.” His goal was to raise awareness for the original and core beers that made us all fall in love with the industry, to begin with. In honor of the inaugural Flagship February, we have decided to dedicate this blog post to share some insight into our first, and best-selling beer, Jasmine IPA.

Back in 2014, Saigon was very new to craft beer. Bars were filled towers of light rice lagers with not a hop in sight. The industry, however, was booming in America, Australia, and could even be found throughout SE Asia in big cities like Bangkok.

It was rare, yet not impossible, to find a small batch of western styles in Saigon; if you knew who to ask. Pasteur Street Brewing Company Founders wanted to encompass the essence of an American craft brewery mixed with a touch of Vietnamese flair to quench the thirst for expats, travelers, and locals who may want more than the typical ale over ice found throughout the country.

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Jasmine IPA

Brewing an IPA was always on the top of the list for Pasteur Street. Nothing quite says American craft beer more than the bold citrus flavor of the beloved Citra hop. IPA’s have been the most popular craft beer style for more than ten years and who are we to argue?

The addition of Vietnamese Jasmine from Sa Pa was an easy decision for the Brewmaster because of its distinct aroma and subtle flavor. Jasmine is also a staple in Vietnamese holistic medicine and cooking; making it the perfect ingredient to combine western ideas with local character. Thus, Jasmine IPA was born and remains a favorite four years later.

Jasmine IPA is a traditional India Pale Ale brewed with Jasmine.
ABV: 6.5% IBU: 50
You can always find this beer on draft or in cans at any of our taprooms. This beer is also distributed throughout Vietnam and the world.
As the best selling IPA in Vietnam since its inception; chances are, if your favorite watering hole serves craft beer, you can get a Pasteur Street Jasmine IPA. While we love all of our experimental brews, this February, we are excited to get back to where it all started by ordering a Jasmine IPA.

About us

Pasteur Street Brewing Company (PSBC) started with the simple idea to combine American craft brewing techniques with fresh and exotic Vietnamese ingredients to create amazing craft beer.

Started in 2015, Pasteur Street Brewing Company has three taprooms in Saigon, one in Hanoi and is distributed throughout Vietnam, and the world.